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Hour of Automotive Technology

Hour of Automotive Technology

Join with us to create an "Hour of Automotive Technology!" It has been well documented that there is a shortage of young automotive technicians in a workplace populated by aging veteran technicians. The pipeline to gain new technicians is getting clogged. As secondary schools look to concentrate on core subjects such as math, science, and technology many vocational courses are being reduced or cut. Schools that are able to keep their programs struggle with the costs of equipment, insurance issue, and stygma.

We wish to introduce an "Hour of Automotive Technology" to all students grade K-12 each year. While automotive technology was once considered only a vocational study, it is now much more than just the sum of its parts. Tomorrow's technicians need to be able to think critically and provide clear and coherent communication. They need to know technology and that starts with an introduction to internal combustion, electric motors, hybrid technology, hydrogen fuel cells, and many other lessons that do not need to be taught in a laboratory environment. Automotive Technology is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) field. It is time it is treated as such. Our goal is not to get all students to become automotive technicians, but rather to provide a venue by which to increase a student's interest in automotive technology, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, or any other related field.

Help us engage students, faculty, and administrations with lessons that can ignite their future.

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